I agree with your view on the acceptance movement. I'm overweight and I hate the fact that it is, in a way, glorified by this movement. Now, I am comfortable with myself and I'm glad others are comfortable in their skin, but I am also trying to embrace a healthy lifestyle and loose weight so that I can have kids without major complication, so I can run a 5k and not feel like I'm going to puke halfway through. Like there is nothing wrong with loving yourself, but don't enable unhealthy behaviors.


Exactly! Good for you for trying to do positive things about it. I respect people like yourself so much. Seriously keep doing what you’re doing, it’s not easy but consistency helps. Also, like I said, it’s awesome if people can feel comfortable but being comfortable in your skin != healthy so I’m glad other people see that too.

How do you feel about the fat acceptance movement?


It’s just flat out wrong and it disgusts me. Now before you grab your pitchforks hear me out. I think the issue with this ‘Movement’ is that it ignores the issues that go along with being obese/overweight. You can feel good in your skin and everything, good for you, but you can’t feel good years down the road when you did nothing about it and you’re suffering from one or more of the hundreds of potential symptoms of being overweight. Instead of teaching young girls and boys to embrace their sugar filled diets and their bodies we should be promoting what happens if you become overweight. I think the feeling good in your own skin thing is important but holy shit it’s like saying, I feel good (In a physical sense) smoking. That makes absolutely no sense. I’m not knocking appearances here. I’m knocking the fact that people embrace something that will eventually kill them or at the minimum extremely complicate their lives at a young age. It’s not something that is completely fixed, it’s something you can change. To embrace something that causes you physical harm is stupid and to not do anything about said thing makes you a moron. That you feel good is irrelevant and we’re growing up in a world where it’s more important to tell a kid who’s 40 lbs overweight (dangerous just in case you didn’t know), “You’re not fat honey, you do you and eat that Oreo” than “Stop eating the fuckin oreos timmy they’re bad for you, here’s a carrot instead.”



For a second I could almost hear the ocean breathe.


"As a comedian you should not be in rooms where the people you’re making fun of also are because you’ll realize, at the end of the day, they’re just people. You can’t risk having that kind of compassion infect your mission to attack. My solution to that is not to curve my jokes — it’s to not put myself in the same room as the consequences of those jokes. …
A comedian is supposed to be an outsider. He’s supposed to be outside looking in. I don’t want to be at parties in D.C. with politicians. Comedians shouldn’t be there. If you feel comfortable in a room like that, there’s a big problem. That’s what is so concerning when you see journalists so comfortable around politicians — that’s a red flag. There should be a kind of awkward tension whenever a journalist walks into a room that politicians are in, because you should’ve done things that annoyed them in the past. It’s the same as a comedian. You’re no one’s friend.”

- John Oliver, host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight and former correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The full interview with John Oliver is here, so check it out!

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Sherlock Characters + Minimalism

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Ass or boobs?


Body is my number one but if I had to choose between these two it’d be boobs. Ass is near last on my list of things I care about.