Types of matter

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Proper goalie bathroom mirror selfie.

So I made myself brunch this morning 👌

I feel like this is important to share here too. Don’t forget that we weren’t the only ones that suffered as a result of 9/11


this accurately describes my life.

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Orcas - Tysfjord, Norway

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I hope someone hacks my phone one day because this is the only thing that would be worth taking.

No ragrets.

When I gain new followers



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  • a gripping trilogy

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What are you eating for protein? I'm trying to cut out meat little by little from my diet.

Lots of stuff! Getting protein IMO isn’t the hardest part of being vegetarian but here are some stuff I do to get protein. 

Eggs, Milk, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Greek Yogurt, High Protein Granola mix, feta cheese, whole grain organic bread and a few other things but that sums up where I get my protein naturally. I also supplement with whey protein for gym/hockey days (I did this even when eating meat though).


Geometrie #1 Paolo Pettigiani

A context which the shapes become a pretext for exploration of space, freeing itself from its real picture, to make it more emotionally relevant. The minimal geometry, shadows and colors intersect between reality and absence, visually decontextualized from initial aesthetics. In this way, the following photographs describe a “non-place”, dematerialized by its own matter.”

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